Welcome to the new Engelenburg Marathon website. Originally meant to illustrate my 100th marathon anniversary and as a monument for my brother Harro, but now also a collection of other marathon-related info & events and my final and 200th marathon celebration May 21 & 24, 2014.
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 Gieten NL – 2010

In the main menu:
Engelenburg Marathon and subpages are about my 100th marathon I organized and ran at the Castle Engelenburg in Brummen – NL
Memorabel is about marathon events I enjoyed dedicating a page to
Wilde Marathons are marathons organized by me
Gallery is a page with pictures and links to photo-reports
Marathon-lijst is a list of marathons I completed
My last and 200th marathon is completed on  21 mei 2014 and celebrated 24 mei 2014
Links is a page for interesting links or link exchange
In Memoriam is a page for my brother Harro Spoelstra